LWE Tribe Course is an online self study course designed to take you through life's major transitions & changes in your life to gain back parts of your life that became struggles from Endometriosis. 

[LWE = Life With EndoMonster]

Inside The LWE Tribe Course, you’ll get access to my EXACT step-by-step plan to gaining back parts of your life felt lost & finding happiness with endometriosis.  

I'm talking about the same journey as mine that lead me to a medication free happy whole & fulfilling life with my EndoMonster... & I want you to experience excitement & happiness like that in your life too!  

I sincerely mean it when I say, if I can do this, so can you.

Through this self study course, you will go at your own pace. You can go through it as fast as you'd like or take it as slow as you need. You will have a lifetime access to all Module's within your Level. This will give you the freedom to move at the pace of your life. 

Each Module [a module is like your lesson/class] will guide you through the big changes that happen when you decide to change your life for Endo. It's not just about changing how you eat or starting to exercise. 

The LWE Tribe is about changing the quality of your life. 

Just because you have Endometriosis doesn't mean you have to suffer for the rest of your life. You don't have to barely make it through the day at work, you don't have to struggle through the pain of Endo & you don't need to spend every day a hot stressed the fuck out mess.

With the LWE Tribe Course in your corner, you can learn how to make changes that will directly effect your day to day life with Endo. 

You can make it through each day a little better, a little easier..

There are 3 phases to each level within the LWE Tribe Course

I want nothing more than for you to create a future that is filled with happiness beyond your wildest dream.  

Let me help you make it happen.

What the LWE Tribers are saying...

“Within the past 3 years I had become more active was running and going to the gym. But the past year with my constant flare ups had really brought me down and I was barely doing anything. Mer changed that as well! Holding me accountable and working a plan out that would work for me, especially coming out of my surgery. I am now right back into that healthy life I need for my endo and for trying to start a family. With the support of Mer and all my endo sisters in my LWE Tribe pushing me daily. I can't even begin to say how grateful I am to have found Mer and what an impact she's made on my marriage, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of my life. The LWE Tribe is amazing and its all down to Mer!”

Lauren K.

“When I first signed up for the LWE tribe, I thought I was eating relatively healthy and I was walking a lot for exercise. I didn’t think I could complete a workout series because my endo might act up. When I signed up, I committed to an endo friendly lifestyle, which included adjusting my diet, daily personal development, and exercising. Since giving this my all and truly eating for endo, my life has drastically changed! I have more energy to work out, my mood is improved, and best of all I have a wonderful community of ladies who actually get what I am going through! It is so amazing to watch each other grow and inspire each other every week. I am changing every day, and I am so thankful that I made the decision to join LWE so that I have the tools to make these positive changes permanent in my life! ”

Nicole T.

How To Pick Your Level

We all come to find ourselves at this point in our jounrey with Endo at some point. 

We reach this point where we are too sick & tired to be sick & tired anymore. There comes a moment in your life when you just know that you are the only one who can make a change. 

YOU are the one that holds your happiness. 

LWE Tribe Course is broken down into 2 different Levels based on where you are today. We cover everything from the very basics of dealing with acceptance of the fact that we have Endo & this is life to more advanced things like a yoga practice, having a morning routine & breath work to get you through a flare. 

Yes, you can do both levels! but let's start here -->